McTier Bridge Pipeline Repair

Client: Beaufort Jasper Water & Sewer Authority

Engineer: Black & Veatch

Status: Completed 2018

Contract: $250K

In the winter of 2017, the BJWSA was alerted to a leak on the 20-inch water main supplying Lady’s Island. The majority of the watermain is located in the Beaufort River and exits the tidal marsh near each end of the bridge. The leak was located right at the tidal line and appeared to be caused by saltwater corrosion.

BRW was contracted to repair the failed section of the ductile iron watermain but this repair was unusual in terms of access. While BRW has installed and repaired many water and sewer lines in the past, this project was unique as all work had to be completed via boat, barge and diving.

During the repair, the BJWSA contracted with Black & Veatch to do a full main condition assessment which required access coordination to complete ultrasonic wall analysis.